Ban that Bloody Burqa.

“We are not Racist”. This is what they say.
But BAN that Bloody Burqa.
This is England not Pakistan.
Woah! Spot the Terrorist if ya can!
Multiculturalism quoting:
‘Allah’s God Forsaken Rules’.
Getting diced into little pieces.
Fragile ‘Horses. Bleeding Fools’.
If we entered your Country,
we’d be forced to change.
So, don’t come over here,
flogging ‘Dead Chickens’;
from your Copper Range.
Feminist Divisions with Dominant clothing,
designed to cover the skin.
We’re all like Biscuits getting crushed
and boxed into a shiny, metal tin.
We like to look at people’s face, when they talk.
But, intimidating eyes; they back, crack stare.
For, it makes us rather curious,
to know what is hidden under there?
Is it a Narcissistic, Inconsiderate Human?
With a brain like Pacman’s Core?
Or a Melancholic Soul that longs,
for life; to offer so much more?
You might call the Fascists, the Communists;
the Marxists and ‘Proclaimers’ too.
In the Hope that Fabricated Polyester,
remains stuck to your head with ‘Super Glue’.
But, Intolerance leaves many baffled,
because they just cannot understand.
Why, you come to their Sweet British Islands?
Swinging your ‘Race-Card’, ever grand.
Their argument is this: “All hail the Burqas,
but stuff the Blessed Cross”.
Farewell to a ridiculous Fashion that laces,
Patriotic Bones in Green, Sugar-Coated Moss.
YES!! BAN that Bloody Burqa! It shouldn’t be allowed.
Because they can easily make themselves invisible,
in numbers; amongst a crowd.
It’s restricting Women Rights,
making them feel ashamed, if they look good.
Males Species enforcing ‘Inceptions Train’.
Sinking soft flesh into: ‘Jihadi Johns’,
Sticky Mud.
Look at Manchester and look at London,
falling silent and burdened with pain.
Ignorance thinks that ‘Burqas Ghost’,
was responsible and laughing at them;
out in the ‘Purple Rain’.
BAN that Bloody Burqa. “It’s time to take back,
full control”. That is what they said.
For, bloodstains dance like ‘Torvill and Dean’.
Quoting “Harassment” like a: Voracious Mole.
Discrimination is rising sky high.
Violations explode, like Wholemeal Bread.
And that is why we as Trainspotters, will fight;
to change the way Peanut Butter, is fiercely spread.
Everywhere I look there is Segregation
and multiple divisions.
Because Women are forced to cover up,
to sustain Provocative Submissions.
Is it me or do you lot feel the same?
Please tell me now if I’m alone,
caught up in: Oppressions Game.
I’m standing for Justice,
and not ‘Shame Blame’.
Heightened Pain. Subliminal Fame.
Insane! Deadly chain.
Yes. BAN that Bloody Burqa.
“Because do you want your child, to live in Fear?”.
This is what they said. For, it is encapsulating us into
its infested Western Hemisphere.
All that this mere mortal, does crave.
Is to live in Harmony and in Peace.
And not to be driven out by ‘Brixton Riots’,
with the Monkey Toned Police.
Are you untying their leash?
So, BAN that Bloody Burqa.
Because they said they think it covers up
Abuse and justifies Sexual Assault.
Head-hooking vulnerable people,
like Shakespeare’s ‘Capulet Tybalt’.
YES!! BAN that Bloody Burqa.
Because Identity, restricts people’s Individuality.
And causes them to suffer with a:
Pre-designed Disorder of the Personality.
It impedes interaction and Dehumanizes Women,
of their entitled roles in life.
‘Oh’ see how the Swordsmen carve the Feast,
with their steely; kitchen knife.
Conservative Bottle-Necked Sensationalism.
Right-Winged us into a generation of Fear.
As Mangled Skeletons, hatching Eggs.
They all failed to Deconstruct the:
Right now, and here.
“It rejects Progressive Values”. They said.
It’s like being a Slave to:
‘Black Panthers, Triangular Trade’.
They Intoxicate the Innocent and can lead to
‘Islamic Extremism’, blowing the FireBrigade’.
With a ‘Clash of the Symbols’, we ‘Know our Rights’.
Our Freedom of Speech, won’t hold us back.
Because Burqas perpetuate Body Dysmorphia
and that’s why we must stand here and attack!!
Because they’re a threat to our Security,
and do not symbolise Freedom of Expression.
And that is why they must be ceased,
from Womankind’s Possession. In Britain!!
It is what they all think. Is your head a coiled kink?
How the hell do these disillusioned people drink?
Mashed up like sweet potato chips?
And poured down the nearest plughole, to sink?
“We are not Xenophobes or Persecutors, that are out to destroy ones’ Rights or Choice”. They said!
But, it encourages mistrust so how in this
can we as a Nation; Rejoice?
“There’s no Misogyny or Institutional inclinations, involved in our lengthy speech”. They said!
But, one thing we wanted to signify is that,
you cannot go packaging ‘Handmaids’ inside;
your finest looking Bottle of Bleach.
So, BAN that Bloody Burqa.
Before ISIS think they can get clever.
By stitching bombs underneath Materials,
that bind Degraded Joints together.
Yes. BAN that Bloody Burqa.
“We are not Racist”. This was their call.
But Planet Earth it simply needs protecting,
from Jezebels, Excremental; Sanguinary Wall.
“Be a Different Kind of Trainspotter. Choose Life”.
Copyright © 2017 by Bernadette O’Horo.
Published in my book entitled: Liquorice in 2017 available at:
Photograph imported from


Quote: “For some, Britain remains the land of opportunity, but their knocks on our door, can leave us feeling red raw”. {The Bolt 2017}.

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